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Crescent Farm Farm Box


Crescent Farm offers a full season Farm Box which ensures you will receive delicious produce throughout all three seasons. Our Farm Box will provide you with fresh, local, organic produce from May through December.  In addition to produce, we plan to include seasonal herbs and flowers with your box.  Each member will also receive a weekly newsletter to help them stay connected to the farm.  


Box Size


We offer two Box plans, a Full and Half share.  Full size share members will receive a box of produce every week of the season for a total of 26 weeks.  Half share members will receive a full sized box every other week, a total of 13 boxes.


What's in a Box?


We strive to provide a variety of produce each week.  Generally each box will include 6-12 different vegetables and herbs.  Below is a table that shows our planned crops for this year.  The green bar indicates the anticipated harvest window of each crop.  That does not guarantee it will be in your box every week, but can be used to get a general idea of what will be included.  You can also view pictures of previous year's shares.  This year will look similar, though we try to improve every year.  This year we plan to grow more carrots, potatoes, melons, and lettuce. 






















Optional Add-Ons

We will periodically team up with other local producers to offer additional add-on options to our Farm Box.  Past offerings have included locally roasted coffee and pasture raised eggs, and beef.  


Pickup Locations

We offer two pickup locations - Clinton and Laurens.  Pickup days and times for the 2021 season have not been set yet, once they are set they will remain the same throughout the season.  If you can't make it to the pickup you may send someone to pick up your box for you.

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