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Crescent Farm is a small family farm located on the property of The Farmhouse at Bush River just south of Clinton, SC.  The farm is run by Margie Levine, her daughter and son-in-law; Holly and Jon, and their two children.  


We strongly believe in organic growing practices and have been USDA Certified Organic since our first growing season.  All of our crops are grown without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.  We use cover crops, crop rotation, and rock based fertilizers to enhance the quality of our soil and to encourage healthy plants.

In order to control the weeds, we use a combination of mechanical cultivation and hand weeding.  We strive to be good stewards of the land by maintaining and enhancing soil and water quality through our sustainable farming practices.  


Our produce can be found at some of the best restaurants and local stores in the Greenville area.  If you want to ensure you’re getting your fair share of fresh vegetables you can sign up for our CSA.  You will receive a box full of fresh vegetables every week of the growing season that can be picked-up at one of four convenient locations. 

Jon and Holly

The Crescent Farm Crew


Margie was five when she planted her first tomato, and she was hooked.  Whether it was growing food for her small family or a student body of 250 high school students, she has been farming in some form or fashion her entire adult life. 

Her introduction to commercial organic farming began in 1991 when she started work at Harlow Farm, one of the earliest certified organic vegetable farms in New England.  She worked there for five years before taking a job as the Assistant Farm manager at a high school with a farming program.  She took over the fledgling garden program and transformed it into 3 acres of  organic land that provided a majority of the produce served in the dining hall.  Over her fifteen years there, she also worked to integrate the garden program into the school’s curriculum. 

She moved to South Carolina six years ago to be near her grandchildren.  Since moving here, she has had the opportunity to work with some of the finest farmers in the state; Tom Trantham at Happy Cow Creamery, the Verdin family at Verdin’s Farm and Garden in Laurens, and Daniel Parson of Parson Produce

Throughout her 20+ years of farming she has felt passionate about not only providing local, organic produce to her community, but also educating them about how their produce is grown and involving them in the process as much as possible.  

Holly helped out in the family garden as a kid and worked at several farms in middle and high school.  After this brief farming experience she swore she would never farm again and was content buying all of her food at the grocery store.  But as is the case for many people, the older she got she realized knowing where the food she fed herself and her family came from, and how it was grown was very important.  She and Jon attempted several times to have a small garden at home with varying degrees of success. 

Jon grew up surrounded by large row crop farms and toyed with the idea of farming from a young age.  However, the opportunity never presented itself and he pursued a career in forestry instead.

In 2014 when the opportunity to start what is now Crescent Farm was presented to Margie, Jon and Holly jumped on board and have been farming ever since.  They both maintain full time jobs off the farm but play integral roles on the farm as well.

Crescent Farm has been able to succeed due to the skills and strengths the three of us bring.  No one of us could do it on our own, nor would we want to.

We hope to build a successful business that our kids can take over and operate on our own property at some point in the future.  We have a long way to go toward that goal but are hopeful for what the future will bring.

What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is an idea that has been around for quite a while but its popularity has increased significantly in recent years.  In essence, a farmer sells “shares” or memberships of their farm to the public.  In return, the members of the CSA receive a box of farm fresh produce every week of the growing season.  Unlike going to the grocery store to pick out produce each week, our members receive the bounty from our weekly harvests.  Everything in the weekly shares is grown on our farm, in our Certified Organic fields, and delivered to the drop-off locations shortly after harvest.  It's hard to find fresher and more local produce than that!  The CSA program allows members to enjoy their favorite vegetables and encourages them to try new ones that aren't available in their local store.  They also benefit from the additional nutrients and flavor that fresh produce has to offer.    


Members are encouraged to come by and visit the farm, meet the farmers and even help out if they want.  This allows them to get to know the farmer who is growing their food, gain a better understanding of how their food is grown and truly become a part of their farm.


How it all works:


In January and February we start seeds in the greenhouse, which then turn into seedlings that are transplanted into the fields in March and April.

We will contact you via email during the spring to update you with what is going on around the farm and to remind you about the first day of pickup.

We plan to start harvesting vegetables in May, you will pickup your share at your selected pick-up location every week during the pick-up time and collect your freshly harvested produce.

Take it home and make it into a delicious, healthy meal that you can feel good about feeding to your family and enjoying yourself!

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)


Crescent Farm is a small, family owned organic vegetable farm located on the property of The Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast just south of Clinton, South Carolina. 


Margie Levine


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